Services Make Money But Systems Make Fortunes




  • Why Systems are the key to being a happy successful dentist
  • How to save time, make more money and have a freedom lifestyle
  • A Simple Systems Formula that has your team making systems for you



Dentists do you dream of a smooth running dental practice where your team are motivated and run the day to day for you.  

A dental practice with happy satisfied patients who love you. 

Days that are profitable, fun and low stress. And the flexibility to work your hours on your terms.  

Do you dream of feeling supported by your team, that you are all pulling together and growing as a practice?  

Is the reality that your team appears motivated but don’t want to change, they are stuck in their old ways? That you are stressed, overwhelmed and at the end of your rope...  

Your days are demanding and your patients hard work … it’s no fun, high stress and at the end of it all what makes it worse is there is very little money in the bank.  

You’re stuck behind the chair or catching up on all those other things you need to do when you are not drilling teeth and when you do see your family you are too tired to care.  

It used to be like that for me… I was burnt out, exhausted and ready to QUIT. I simply couldn’t take it anymore…  

But in that dark hour when I was ready to walk away from my practice, dentistry and momentarily even my own life - I had a wake-up call. A call that made me see I wasn’t a failure, that I was a good dentist, and that it was worth carrying on.  

That wake-up call was that I saw I didn’t know enough about business or being a leader and that I was allowing chaos in my practice.  

Chaos that meant I was micromanaging and doing everything, letting my team do as they please.  

Chaos that made my patients unhappy and meant no matter how hard I worked there was never enough money in the bank.  

So I vowed to change, to truly take back control and take charge of my life and dental practice - and I did it all with systems.  

I believe systems make you fortunes and let you have fun!!!  

And now I am free to live my life on my terms, to have a dental practice that is hitting 7 figures with one dentist working 3.5 days a week.  

I get to spend time with my family, follow my passions, take wonderful vacations, and let go of doing everything to make my dental practice work.  

Now I want you to discover the power of systems in dentistry.  

So whether you own your practice or not, are a new grad or like me a bit longer in the tooth - I’m inviting you to join me in this watch anytime you please video training.  

In the training I will show you how to Build Systems That Make Fortunes and Let You Have Fun!!  

Simply click the "Sign Up" box to register and get instant access to the training.  

This could be the breakthrough you have been looking for!!  

You've nothing to lose and everything to gain - so join me in the training.  

Register to watch and you will also get my Simple Systems Formula bonus to have your team systemise your practice for you.  


Rachel Hall is a dentist, business owner, wife, mom, speaker, writer and coach.  

A dentist since 1992, Rachel opened her own practice in 2005 with nothing more than a small loan and a make-it-up-as-you-go business "plan".  

Through her journey of struggle and transformation Rachel realised how little dental school prepares destists for success; and how these gaps in business skill and leadership know-how can harm both the success of their careers and the quality of their lives.  

Through trial and error, and the magic of systems, Rachel has been able to shift this story, and create her very own rewarding, profitable and fun practice while living the life she'd always envisioned.  

 Today Rachel supports her fellow dentists to create profitable practices and lifestyle freedom through proprietary processes that build systems, teams and fortunes.  

Rachel’s coaching is all real world, no nonsense, straight talk that works – no ivory towers here! Her own high profit, low stress, cheeky dental practice models exactly what she teaches.  

Rachel is systematic, candid and insightful. She quickly pinpoints limiting beliefs and unlocks habit roadblocks that stand in the way of her clients’ ultimate success in creating the practice they deserve and the lifestyle they love.  

Rachel lives in Brisbane Australia. She loves gettin’ cheeky with it – surfing, guitar, skateboarding, hiking and fun with her family and friends. Rachel has a passion for fast cars, travel, Vietnamese food, meeting new people, and living life to the max.

Rachel Hall Dental Coach